aire de repos
1 channel video installation with sound, 1999
BetaSP on DVD, 90:00 min. loop
Projection size approx. 3m x 4m

“According to John Jerde a sensually-limited society, yearns for a more integrated life-style, a kind of ‘super reality’ in which human beings can feel secure, comfortable and happy.” (Anna Klingmann, Architektur als Produkt, in: Daidalos 1998, Pg.69)
The people in this video who are searching for relaxation, find themselves in exactly this kind of “super reality".
The video installation presents an idealised image of landscape, a projection of “nature”, an artificial construction, in which nature is restaged in its idealised form. A technically conjured up Garden of Eden, out of which the distant voices of the participants can barely reach us.


Installation atInstallation at
Trinitatis Church, Cologne, 1999