Say Hello to Peace and Tranquility
1 channel video installation with music, 2001
BetaSP on DVD, 23:00 loop
music composed by Michaela Grobelny alias M.I.A.

Say Hello to Peace and Tranquility (2001) is a constant flow of scenes shot in a quiet suburb where time seems to have stood still. A sense of timelessness is created by the smooth motion of a hidden camera and the constructed, artificial nature of the scenes: one can hardly tell if one is facing a photograph, a scale model, or an ad for a housing complex. A soundtrack by Michaela Grobelny envelops the spectator, reinforcing the impression of atemporality. Is this a utopian vision, a fiction, an illusion, a critique of urban phenomena, or simply a fascination with this disturbing tranquility.

(Text by Nicole Gingras, curator of the solo show "messages passagers",
at optica, Montréal, Canada, 2009)


Installation at Optica (inside)Installation at Optica (inside)
Montreal, Canada, 2009
Installation (outside) atInstallation (outside) at
Museum für Neue Kunst, ZKM, Karlsruhe, 2002
Installation atInstallation at
Montevideo, Amsterdam (photo: HMKV, Dortmund)