Characters, installation view
from the series Characters, #74
from the series Characters, #698
from the series Characters, #74.2
Characters, #698.2, installation view

Dagmar Keller
3D computer generated portraits on baryta paper webs (2m x 1,27m), 2021

Subsequent to my series „dear to me“, where I was interested in the shifting of boundaries between public and private space through digital technology, I was looking for a way to create a kind of portrait out of data traces that we all leave behind on the internet every day.

While researching, I came across completely AI generated „portraits“. The AI network had been trained with a large dataset of photographic „headshots“ (-so basically with our data traces) and now generates strikingly realistic simulations of photographic portraits.

I wondered how I could photograph these people, who don’t exist, myself. So I ended up creating 3-D avatars on the basis of the AI portraits. I could then stage and photograph the avatars in virtual space according to my ideas. Finally, I exposed the virtual images on analogue b/w film material and printed them in the darkroom on large baryt paper webs.