Dagmar Keller / Martin Wittwer
Den Tag erkennst Du schon an seinem Morgen.
(The day is obvious by its morning)
2-channel video installation (16:9) with sound, 2009
HDV, 19:28 min. loop

The 2 channel video installation juxtaposes images of two
different neighbourhoods within the Bulgarian capital Sofia. The
recordings start at night and go on until sunrise.
The gradually changing light renders discernable the differing
realities of both settings: on the one hand, a large-scale
settlement which step by step becomes vital and busy and on
the other hand one-family-houses with big yards surrounded by
high fences that end abruptly in uncultivated patches of green
where the only movement is a car reversing out of an
automatically opening garage.

Den Tag erkennst Du schon an seinem Morgen, Installation at Photoforum PasART, Biel, CH, 2014