Installation of "what you want to see", by artist Dagmar Keller / Martin Wittwer at PSG Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand, 2006
what you want to see, Installation at PSG Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand, 2006

Dagmar Keller / Martin Wittwer
what you want to see
1-channel video installation with sound, 2006
sound recording from italian late night tv combined with music (composed by Damian Zangger)

(…) Presenting a desolate view of the city at dusk, the video installation „what you want to see“ by  artist duo Dagmar Keller and Martin Wittwer grants us access to an intimate auditory exchange between two individuals who we assume lie apart in two of the squares of light that languidly drift by on the screen. We are privy to a conversation, limited by language and a bad ‘connection’, in which two people both need something from the other and seemingly deliver without actually connecting at all. The piece exemplifies the struggle we face in relation to the sense of alienation we are cultivating; the parasitic relationship they have with each other thrives on the position they take of not really having to know the other beyond the surface of how they affect their individual narratives. (…)

Excerpt from the text by Angela Plowman, for LIVING THE CITY, a presentation by Virtual Museum Zuidas,hosted by Platform21,